Unstitched Suit Fabrics for Summer and Winter From Pandi

Unstitched Suit Fabrics for Summer and Winter

In Pakistani fashion, dressing is not limited to seasons; it is a matter of style and comfort.

The climate changes from hot, burning summer days to chilly winters, and the choice of fabric is important in staying comfortable and stylish all year.

We will discuss the top fabrics for unstitched suits in Pakistan for the summer and winter seasons. We aim to provide the necessary information to help you make wise clothing choices.

Women prefer unstitched suits. This is because they allow the wearer to stitch the outfit based on their style and preferences, providing versatility.

With the change in seasons, choosing the fabric for your unstitched suit is essential to ensure comfort and style. This article will discuss the best-unstitched suit fabrics for summer and winter.

Summer Fabrics:
1. Cotton:

The summer season is always joyful and full of challenges. On the one hand, we have warm sunshine, beach trips, and outdoor activities, but on the other hand, we have to deal with the burning heat of hot summer days.


This is where cotton fabric is considered the perfect choice for clothing during the hot summer months.

This material is perfect for outdoor activities since it helps control body temperature, thus avoiding overheating and discomfort. Cotton is absorbent and keeps us dry, making it great for those who sweat a lot.

Moreover, cotton fabric is also lightweight, making it the perfect choice for hot summer days. It is comfortable to wear and easy to move around, making it suitable for all activities. Whether chilling at the beach, walking, or running, cotton will keep you feeling light and breezy. Unlike heavy and restrictive fabrics, cotton allows maximum movement. Great for summer! Doesn't stick to the body and keeps you comfortable and stylish.

In addition to its practical benefits, cotton comes in various styles and designs, making it an adaptable fabric for summer fashion. From flowy sundresses to comfortable t-shirts and shorts, there is no shortage of options for cotton clothing. It is also easy to care for, making it a low-maintenance and hassle-free choice for the busy summer months.

2. Linen:


Linen is another popular choice for summer unstitched suits. It is made from the fibres of the flax plant and is known for its lightweight and breathable properties. A relaxed and casual summer look can be achieved with linen suits with a unique texture and drape.

3. Chiffon:

Chiffon is a sheer and lightweight fabric ideal for hot summer days. - - The texture of this material is soft and flowy, and it can be made from silk, cotton, or synthetic fibres.


- Unstitched chiffon suits are ideal for formal occasions, as they add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

4. Lawn:

Lawn is a lightweight and crisp fabric that is perfect for the summer season. It is made from finely woven cotton fibres and has a smooth and soft texture.


Lawn unstitched suits are available in various vibrant colours and prints, making them popular for summer events and gatherings.

Winter Fabrics:
1. Khaddar:

Khaddar, also known as khadi, is an adaptable and long-lasting fabric essential to the Pakistani textile tradition for centuries. It is a hand-woven fabric made from natural fibres such as cotton, silk, wool, and even jute. The word 'khaddar' is derived from the Sanskrit words 'kha', meaning 'raw', and 'dar', meaning 'thread', which describes the process of making this fabric. 


Khaddar fabric is unique in its ability to adapt to different climates. It keeps the body cool in hot weather and warm in cold temperatures, making it a popular choice in various regions of Pakistan.

This makes Khaddar a popular choice among people living in various regions of Pakistan, from the scorching deserts of Thar to the chilly mountains of Murree.

Khaddar is a fabric that holds cultural and historical importance. It gained popularity during India's freedom struggle when Mahatma Gandhi encouraged people to boycott imported British fabrics and wear khadi. Today, it continues to be a symbol of Pakistan's rich heritage and is often worn on special occasions and festivals.

Khaddar fabric is perfect for daily wear and formal occasions. It can be dyed in various colours and is often decorated with intricate hand embroidery. It's solid and durable, making it ideal for creating multiple garments.

2. Silk

The cocoon of silkworms is the source of silk. These worms consume mulberry leaves, producing an uninterrupted thread that measures almost 800 meters to create a cocoon. After collecting the cocoons, they are boiled in water to terminate the silkworms. Then, the cocoons are unrolled to extract silk fibre woven into fabric.


Silk fabric is gentle on sensitive skin because it is hypoallergenic. It helps keep skin moisturized and looking young by holding moisture close to the skin. Silk fabrics have a smooth texture and won't irritate the skin. That's why silk pillowcases and sleeping masks are becoming more popular. Using silk products can keep your skin hydrated and looking bright. Cotton is different because it absorbs moisture from the skin, which can cause dry skin.


In conclusion, choosing the fabric for your unstitched suit is essential for comfort and style. Cotton, linen, chiffon, and lawn are perfect for summer, while wool, Khaddar, silk, and khadi are ideal for winter. So, choose the suitable fabric according to the season to stay stylish and comfortable all year round.

Pandi offers Unstitched suit fabrics in various prints and patterns, making them a stylish and practical summer and winter option.



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