January, the first month of 2024, welcomes you with the peak of the winter season. Summer clothes cannot be paired with sweaters or ordinary shawls, especially if you're stepping out of the house for your office, a gathering, or a simple dinner out.

Your wardrobe should have winter fabrics you can wear during the cold days (and nights) in January. Doing this lets you stay warm and comfortable while maintaining a stylish look.

Pandi's unstitched winter collection has some of the season's most demanding and comfortable fabrics. Combined with the designs by Pandi designers, these outfits are the perfect choice for winter wear.

We have compiled a list of the top 5 winter fabrics from Pandi's winter unstitched collection to make the first month of the year warm and stylish!.


Khaddar is quite a popular winter fabric. It is great as casual or everyday wear in January. You can wear 2-piece khaddar dresses and pair them with stoles and shawls or invest in 3-piece khaddar dresses if you want to wear it to events.


Geometric patterns are quite popular in khaddar. However, you can also invest in floral patterns in khaddar if you want to wear khaddar in get togethers or events. This 3-piece khaddar outfit made on a rusty winter color palette with a delicate floral print is perfect for occasions.

In terms of design, khaddar is a versatile fabric that can be dyed, printed, or embroidered to create a variety of patterns and designs. It can be found in a range of colors, from earthy tones to vibrant hues, making it suitable for both formal and casual wear. Khaddar is also a favorite among designers for its ability to blend well with other fabrics like silk, chiffon, and even denim.

Khaddar is known for its ability to keep the body cool in summers and warm in winters, making it a versatile and comfortable fabric for all seasons.

It is commonly used to make shawls, coats, jackets, and traditional winter outfits like shalwar kameez.

Pandi has different kinds of Khaddar that you can choose from:

  • Rod Khaddar
  • Slub Khaddar
  • Printed Rod Khaddar

    Cambric is a popular all-year-round fabric. It is made from cotton and is often used for clothing and household items such as tablecloths and curtains.


    Cambric is also a popular choice for embroidered fabrics. Its tight weave provides a stable base for intricate and detailed embroidery designs, making it a favorite among designers and embroiderers. It is often used for soft and decorative items such as handkerchiefs, doilies, and linens. The smooth surface of the cambric also makes it a popular choice for printing designs, making it a versatile fabric for various applications.

     It is easy to care for and can be machine-washed without losing shape or color.

    However, Pandi’s winter collection has a thickened cambric that keeps you warm and comfortable on both sunny winter days and chilly January winter nights.

    Pandi has a fantastic collection of printed cambric outfits you can wear daily and even for casual winter days.


    Viscose is a lightweight fabric that is popular for winter. It is a semi-synthetic fabric that gives a silky feel, perfect for casual days or nights out.

    One benefit of viscose is its versatility - it can be easily combined with other fabrics, like cotton, silk, or polyester, to create various textures.


    It is highly absorbent and ideal for warm-weather clothing to keep the wearer dry and cool. However, one drawback of viscose is that it is less durable than other fabrics and can lose shape and shrink when exposed to moisture. Despite this, viscose remains a popular choice for fashion designers and consumers due to its softness, draping ability, and ability to adopt the look and feel of more expensive fabrics such as silk.

    Pandi has different kinds of viscose fabrics that you can choose from:

    • Dyed Viscose
    • Viscose Crepe
    • Viscose jacquard
    • Viscose Silk

      Linen can be beneficial to wear in winter for several reasons. Despite being known for its lightweight and breathable nature, ideal for warmer weather, linen also has qualities that make it suitable for cooler temperatures. 

      While linen offers these benefits in winter, layering with other cosy fabrics like wool or cashmere can enhance warmth and comfort, especially in colder climates.


      Linen dresses have gained popularity in Pakistan for their versatility and comfort. They come in various designs and styles to suit different preferences and occasions. From casual to formal, here are some popular linen dress designs in Pakistan:

      • A-line linen dresses
      • Maxi linen dresses
      • Peplum linen dresses
      • Shirt-style linen dresses
      • Wrap linen dresses
      • Embroidered linen dresses
      • Block-printed linen dresses

      Visit our website today and experience the beauty and versatility of linen firsthand. Pandi Offers different types of linen fabrics

      • Dyed Cotail Linen
      • Digital Printed Linen

      Silk fabric is an excellent option for winter clothing due to its insulating, moisture-wicking, and breathable properties. Its smooth texture and gentle feel add comfort and elegance to winter clothing that is sometimes missing when wearing heavy, rough winter clothes made of other materials.
      It can keep you warm and comfortable without causing you to overheat, which is particularly advantageous when moving between indoor and outdoor environments.

      In Pakistan, silk is a popular fabric often worn for various occasions and events. People in Pakistan wear silk in different ways, incorporating it into their traditional and modern outfits.

      For weddings and formal events, silk is used to make luxurious and elegant dresses, such as silk sarees or gowns. These dresses are often embroidered, adding to their beauty and allure.

      Pandi provides you different Silk Fabrics 

    • Raw Silk
    • Tusser Silk 
    • SHAMOOZ Silk 
    • Silk Slub
    • silk net
    • Poly silk
    • Tussar silk
    • Tissue silk
    • Viscose Silk
    • Viscose Jacquard Silk
    • In addition to dresses, silk is also used to make shawls and dupattas, traditional accessories worn with various outfits. Silk shawls are known for their softness, sheen, and warmth, making them a popular choice, especially in colder regions of Pakistan.

      Last Words

      Pandi has a wide range of winter fabrics in its unstitched collection. Although this is the last month before we bid farewell to winter, January is the peak of the winter season. You want to look your best during casual outings, work, or get-together parties by wearing fabrics perfect for winter and sophisticated styles.

      This article presents 5 winter fabrics that you must have in your winter wardrobe to stay comfortable, warm, and stylish during the winter season.


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