Pakistani Suits Back Neck Designs


Desi salwar suits have undergone significant modernization and design developments. Nowadays, getting an Anarkali or a salwar kameez custom stitched is about achieving the perfect fit and choosing the most trendy design pattern for the neckline and sleeves. However, people often overlook the back neck design while focusing solely on the front neck pattern. There are better approaches than this, as an attractive suit-back gala design can elevate your outfit to the next level. Therefore, in this post, I will introduce you to some of the latest back neck designs that you can consider for salwar suits, kurtas, anarkalis or even blouses.

Various cuts and designs are available for back neck patterns. If you like to showcase your back with a bun or half-up style hairstyle, selecting a chic back and neckline becomes even more critical. Let's look at the popular suit neck designs for the front and back.

Back Neck Designs Of Kurta 2024

Fashion trends constantly evolve, and staying up-to-date with the latest styles is essential. If you're a fan of wearing Kurtis, you must know about the latest Girl Kurti Neck Designs. A Kurti is incomplete without a unique design on the neck. If you're skilled at sewing, you can create your own design or purchase a Kurti from your favourite designer. Back neck designs for Kurtis are currently trending and have become a favourite among many. One of the reasons for their popularity is that Kurti is a simple one-piece shirt that can easily be paired with tights, leggings, or Capris. In this article, we've featured some unique and attractive back neck designs you won't find anywhere else. Check out the designs below to add a touch of style to your wardrobe.

#1 U back neck design with double doris

As the name suggests, a U-shaped back neck dress has a U-shaped cut from the back side of the neck. Different styles of U-shaped back neck dresses are available in the market for different types of customers. Some women like U-shaped neck dresses with lace and embroidery, but Doris is mainly used with wedding dresses and frocks. The U-back neck design adds a stylish touch to any outfit. This adaptable design pattern works well on shirts, kameez, dresses, and swimsuits. For those looking to add a touch of grace to any occasion or outfit, the U-back neck design with double doris is a smart choice. Traditional salwar suits are stylish with "dori tie-ups" at the front and back necklines. Here's an easy change to attempt if you're sick of the same old Dori back neck pattern: add two Doris instead of one, and notice how it instantly improves the appearance of your salwar suit!.

 U back neck design with double doris

Tip: Instead of getting a new suit stitched, consider adding dori detail to give your current suit a new look!.

#2 Cut-out back neck pattern with tassel detail for salwar suits

This is for daring and adventurous women who are comfortable flaunting dramatic cutouts. Add a considerable cutout detail at the back, and don't stop there. Add embroidered or fancy lace borders and a small tassel for extra flair.The cut-out back neck pattern with tassel detail is a trendy and stylish design commonly used in salwar suits. Salwar suits are a traditional and trendy attire among South Asian women, particularly in countries like India and Pakistan. This pattern features a unique cut-out shape at the back of the neck, usually V or U, creating an elegant and eye-catching look. To further enhance the overall design, tassels are attached to the edges of the cut-out, adding a touch of playfulness and charm. This detailing instantly boosts the appearance of the salwar suit, making it perfect for formal occasions or festive celebrations. Adding a tassel detail on the cut-out back neck pattern "Enhances the fashion appeal of any salwar suit." It is a popular choice among fashion lovers.

Cut-out back neck pattern with tassel detail for salwar suits

#3 Keyhole back neckline for salwar kameez

Consider choosing a keyhole-style back neckline if you want a chic, uncomplicated appearance. It can be paired with a higher neck design at the front, and you can use fancy buttons to fasten it. The keyhole's width and length may be adjustable according to your tastes. If you're uncomfortable showing too much skin, opting for a shorter, sleeker hole is better. Keyhole necklines are always trending and can be implemented on all dresses, especially salwar kameez, kurtis, and kurtas. They are most commonly used on velvet dresses with embroidery on their boundaries. Its stitching is straightforward, and one can quickly stitch it even at home, giving your dress a unique look. 

Keyhole back neckline for salwar kameez

#4 Back gala design for anarkali suits

Anarkali suits are a timeless beauty from the Mughal emperor and one of the favourite types of clothing. An Anarkali suit consists of a flared kurta, churidar, and dupatta. These versatile suits can be worn for any occasion, making Pakistani women look stunning and beautiful.
Your neckline heavily impacts your Anarkali suit's overall look. For those with a pear-shaped body, a V-neck or sweetheart neckline draws attention upwards, balancing the proportions. Alternatively, women with broad shoulders can opt for a boat or square neck design and round neck design to create an illusion of a more defined upper body.

Back gala design for anarkali suits

#5 Double round cut out back neck designs

Round-back cutouts have been a popular trend for some time now. However, I have come up with a new twist on this style that makes it even more eye-catching. Instead of having only one cutout, try two circular cutouts at the back. You can add a fancy bow or button closure to complete the look. This creates a beautiful, fashionable back neck pattern that will turn heads. You can adjust the size of the circular cutouts to your liking. Even smaller circles will look great without drawing unwanted attention. Why not give this stylish look a try at your next event?

Double round cut out back neck designs

Tip: This type of neckline is best suited for dresses and kurtas. It may not complement a salwar suit with a traditional cut and intricate work. Therefore, it is recommended to experiment with this neckline on cotton suits and straightforward, plain dresses.

#6 Back Neckline with Diamond-Shaped Cut

This is another attractive back neckline made on a velvet green kurta with high decoration and threadwork. On the back, a diamond-shaped cut is given in, which makes it really pretty. Velvet is considered the best outfit for the winter season. It is for women who want different styles and patterns for their suit back neck designs. One can take an idea from this kurti for the next festive wear dress.

 Back Neckline with Diamond-Shaped Cut

#7 Deep V suit back gala design with potli button detail

The deep V suit back gala design is a bold and alluring pattern that adds a touch of glamour to any suit or dress. This design features a deep V-shaped cut-out at the back, creating an exquisite and feminine look. The deep V-back suit design is popular among fashion-forward individuals who want to make a statement. Whether a traditional ethnic suit or a modern dress, this pattern elevates the overall style. It accentuates the back, drawing attention and highlighting the wearer's silhouette. The deep V suit back gala design is often completed with detailing, such as embroidery, sequins, buttons or lace, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. Whether dressing up for a special occasion or looking to add gracefulness to your everyday outfits, this design will make you stand out. Whether dressing up for a special occasion or looking to add sophistication to your daily outfits, this design will make you stand out.This pattern for the back and neck area is beautiful, bold, and shaped like a V. It can be paired with different suits and kurtas. Moreover, this pattern can also be matched with blouses for sarees and lehengas. Adding potli buttons in contrasting colours is recommended to enhance the style quotient.

Deep V suit back gala design with potli button detail

Style Tip: Try this neck design with an anarkali suit and make the potli buttons out of contrasting fabric. Put a gajra bun on top and show off your back.

#8 scoop back neck with strappy tie-ups

The scoop-back neck with strappy tie-ups is a trendy and fashionable design that adds a touch of charm and elaborateness to any outfit. This unique pattern features a scoop-shaped cut-out at the back, creating a flattering and feminine look. The back of the garment is left open, showcasing the wearer's back subtly yet sensually. Strappy tie-ups enhance the overall design, adding a stylish and playful element to the outfit. These straps can be adjustable or tied decoratively, allowing for customization and a personalized fit. The scoop-back neck with strappy tie-up design is popular in various types of clothing, including dresses, tops, and even swimwear. It offers a modern and chic twist to traditional neck patterns, making it a popular choice for those who want to make a fashion statement while embracing their style. By combining an alluring back cut-out with fashionable strappy tie-ups, this design creates a refined and bold look for any occasion.

scoop back neck with strappy tie-ups

#9 Classy triangular cut churidar back neck design with button closure

Introducing the latest trend in back neck design - the geometric triangular-shaped cut. This new style is sleek, stylish, and eye-catching. It is a perfect fit for traditional attire, whether a churidar suit or a straight salwar kameez. "Try it out and elevate your fashion sense!".

The geometric triangular-shaped cut is versatile and works well with various fabric choices and embellishments. It can be further enhanced with intricate embroidery, beads, or even contrasting fabric inserts. With the geometric triangular-shaped cut, you can make a fashion-forward impact and showcase your unique style. So try it out, and let your fashion sense soar to new heights!.

Classy triangular cut churidar back neck design with button closure

#10 Simple high back neck design for kurtis with decorative buttons

Suppose you're looking for the perfect back neckline for formal wear, kurtas, and suits. In that case, the high back with cutesy pastel button detailing is an excellent choice. This design strikes the right balance between style and professionalism, making it suitable for various occasions, including workwear. This straightforward neck style offers a more modest and refined look than deep backs and cutouts, which may not be appropriate for conservative environments. The high back provides ample coverage and a polished appearance. At the same time, the addition of cutesy pastel buttons adds a playful and feminine touch to the overall design. The pastel colour palette brings a soft and delicate feel, enhancing the outfit's elegance. Whether you're attending a formal event or need an option for everyday wear, this high-back neckline with cutesy pastel button detailing is versatile and chic. It allows you to express your style while maintaining professionalism and appropriateness for various settings. Embrace this design and enjoy the perfect blend of fashion.

Simple high back neck design for kurtis with decorative buttons

#11 Deep neck stylish latkan work

Deep necks are a popular fashion trend that has been around for decades. This neckline style is characterized by a low cut that extends down to the chest or even the waistline. It adds a touch of boldness and glamour to any outfit, making it a favourite among women of all ages. However, what takes this trend to the next level is the addition of stylish latkan work. Latkans, also known as tassels or pom poms, are decorative hanging ornaments that are commonly used in traditional Pakistani clothing. They add a playful and feminine touch to any garment, making them a perfect match for deep neck styles. The combination of deep necks and latkan work creates a beautiful and eye-catching look that is both elegant and fun.
One of the best things about deep neck stylish latkan work is its versatility. It can be incorporated into a variety of outfits, from traditional Pakistani attire such as Kameez-Salwar and lehengas to western dresses and tops. The addition of latkans to a deep neck design makes it more unique . It also allows for a lot of creativity and experimentation, as there are countless designs, colors, and sizes of latkans available in the market. From delicate beaded tassels to bold and colorful pom poms, there is a latkan for every style and occasion.

Deep neck stylish latkan work

Moreover, deep neck stylish latkan work is not limited to just clothing. It can also be seen in accessories such as handbags, footwear, and jewelry. A deep neck top paired with a statement latkan necklace or earrings creates a stunning and cohesive look.

#12  Embroidered cut kurti back neck

Embroidered cut kurti back necks are a popular trend in Pakistani fashion. These kurtis are a perfect combination of traditional and modern styles, which makes them a versatile wardrobe choice for women of all ages. The embroidery on the back of the neck of these kurtis adds an elegant touch, making them a must-have for every woman.

The detailed embroidery designs on the back neck of these kurtis are a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan. These designs are inspired by traditional motifs and patterns, such as paisleys, flowers, and geometric shapes, passed down for generations. Vibrant colours and fine threadwork make these designs genuinely eye-catching and unique.

Pakistani Simple Back Neck Designs

Embroidered cut kurti back necks have become increasingly popular due to their versatility. These kurtis can be worn for occasions, from casual outings to formal events. A plain kurta with a beautifully embroidered back neck can instantly enhance any outfit, making it look more stylish. These kurtis are versatile and can be paired with various bottoms such as leggings, palazzos, or traditional skirts, making them practical for everyday wear.
Besides being stylish and versatile, embroidered cut kurti back necks are also comfortable. The soft and lightweight fabrics in these kurtis make them perfect for India's hot and humid weather. They are also easy to maintain, making them a practical choice for busy women who want to look fashionable without putting in too much effort.

#13 Jewel patch back design for kurti

The jewel patch back design features a patch of decorative jewels and beads on the back of the kurta, usually placed strategically in the centre or along the neckline. These jewels can range from simple and subtle to elaborate and intricate, depending on the style and design of the kurti. The patch may also be adorned with embroidery, sequins, or other embellishments to add more depth and detail to the design.

The jewels and beads catch the light and add a subtle sparkle, making the kurti stand out and drawing attention to the wearer.

Jewel patch back design for kurti

In addition, the jewel patch back design also has cultural significance. In traditional Pakistani fashion, jewels and beads symbolize prosperity, wealth, and good luck. Incorporating these elements into the back design of a kurti adds a touch of tradition and cultural heritage to the outfit.

The jewel patch-back design is a beautiful and versatile addition to any kurti. It adds a touch of glamour, colour, and tradition, making the kurta stand out and flatter all body types.

#14  Embellished Net patch back design

If you are comfortable wearing a transparent back, then net-back salwar kameez designs are for you. These are the latest in trend, and they also look pretty glamorous. It’s not that your back is visible completely in this back neck design of the salwar kameez; the embroidery and the buttons make it look quite elegant.
For those concerned about showing too much skin with a transparent back, rest assured that net-back salwar kameez designs perfectly balance modesty and style. The net fabric provides vast coverage while showcasing a hint of skin. The button detailing on the back makes it versatile for various occasions.

Embellished Net patch back design

#15 Round back neck design with heavy tassel

The round-back neck design is a classic and timeless style that has been around for decades. However, adding heavy tassel embroidery takes it to a whole new level.

Tassels, often made from luxurious materials like silk, velvet, or beads, add texture and movement to the design. They cascade down the back of the neck, creating a stunning visual effect that is both elegant and playful.

A round-back neck top with tassels paired with high-waisted jeans or a flowy skirt is the perfect choice for a casual look. This combination is effortless yet stylish and is ideal for a day out with friends or a weekend brunch. Adding tassels invests playfulness and flair into the outfit, making it stand out from typical casual attire.

Round back neck design with heavy tassel

The round-back neckline with heavy tassel embellishments is an excellent choice for special occasions such as weddings or formal events. A long, flowy gown with a round back neck and tassel embellishments creates a stunning, elegant look that will turn heads. The dress is perfect for a grand entrance, with tassels adding drama and movement.

#16 Net Back Patch Kurti Neck Designs

Netback patch kurta neck designs have always remained a trend. These designs add a thin net fabric to the back of the kurti, adding a touch of classiness and womanhood to traditional Pakistani dresses and garments. The detailed embroidery embellished on the net fabric gives the kurti a beautiful and unique look. The back patch design is a great way to add a modern twist to the traditional kurti, making it a perfect choice for women who want to stay true to their cultural roots while embracing trendy fashion. Netback patch kurta neck designs are famous among Western and Eastern cultures. Net fabric can be applied to all types of dresses.

The net fabric in these designs is airy and lightweight, perfect for the warm Pakistani climate. It allows for breathability and adds a touch of glamour to the kurti. These designs are available in various styles, from simple and subtle to bold and statement-making.

Net Back Patch Kurti Neck Designs

They can be paired with different bottoms, such as palazzos, leggings, or skirts, making them versatile and suitable for various occasions. Netback patch kurta neck designs are not only limited to casual wear; they can also be dressed up for formal events and weddings. Whether you are attending a wedding, a festival, or a casual outing, a net back patch kurti is a perfect choice to stand out in a crowd. With their unique and beautiful designs, every modern Pakistani woman's wardrobe must have a net-back patch kurtis .

 #17 Stacked round cut Kurti Neck Design

The keyhole back neck design is a stylish feature that adds glamour to a kurta. It consists of a minor, teardrop-shaped opening at the back that creates an alluring effect. Keyhole back neck kurtis are perfect for special occasions and parties. Instead of having only one cutout, try three circular cutouts at the back. It's your choice whether you want horizontal or vertical circular cut-outs.

Stacked round cut Kurti Neck Design

#18 Looped Dori work back neck

This type of embroidery involves creating loops and knots using a thin thread, commonly known as the Dori, to form beautiful patterns and designs. To create the loops, the thread is passed through the fabric and then pulled back to make a knot, which is then secured by stitching it to the fabric. This process is repeated multiple times to create a series of loops to form an attractive design. The back neck is the perfect canvas for this type of work as it allows for a larger surface area to showcase the detailed loops and knots. The result is a delicate and feminine design that will catch everyone's attention.

Looped Dori work back neck

This type of work is commonly seen in traditional Indian outfits like sarees, lehengas, and salwar suits.

#19 Floral Cut work Kurti Neck

Floral Cutwork and back neck designs offer a unique and modern look. They can feature a single shoulder strap or an uneven neckline, challenging traditional patterns and adding a touch of creativity to the kurta. In Floral Neckline, you can add a floral patch or lace to your neckline that can be an open circular hole or can be closed with a door. 

Floral Cut work Kurti Neck

#20  Net panel full back Kurti Neck

Most of the back is covered by high-neck back designs, giving the wearer an air of grace and royalty. These styles are elegant and suit well with long kurtas or dresses for weddings or formal occasions. Whether you want to wear a net-embroidered dress or add lace with a net, it's your choice and taste. The addition of lace to the net gives an extraordinary charm to your dress. 

Net panel full back Kurti Neck

#21 Heart cut back Kurti Neck design

The heart-shaped back neck design adds a touch of femininity to the kurta, making it perfect for romantic occasions.In the heart-cut back neck design, one can see the heart-shaped cut on the back neckline of the kurta. The edge can be left open or closed with a button, Dori, or tie, or you can see a heart-shaped hole in the middle of the shirt. It is also a great way to dress up any special kurti or outfit. The heart-cut neck can be paired with various styles, such as a tank top, tee, or blouse. It can also be applied to jeans, skirts, or dresses.

Heart cut back Kurti Neck design

#22 Square Back Neckline With Strings

This pattern was popular in the 90s and has made a comeback. It looks beautiful with strings that also have Latkan. The back neckline is gorgeous and can be replicated on your party wear and festival suit designs.Square back neck designs have a rectangular shape at the back and are inspired by traditional silhouettes. They add grace and charm, making kurtas suitable for formal events and festivals.

Square Back Neckline With Strings

#23 The Circular Cut

This style is one of the most popular designs and gets updated yearly per the latest fashion trends. The design combines a halter neck and a circular cut that resembles a teardrop. It is commonly used for festive or occasional kurtis as it has a more formal, evening-wear look.

The Circular Cut

#24 Boat neck

Boat back neck designs stretch horizontally in the back and are inspired by the form of a boat. These styles are ideal for people who care about fashion since they are contemporary and stylish. Kurtis with boat necklines are suitable for social gatherings and nighttime activities.

This neckline design resembles that of a regular neckline. However, the kurta's front and back are broader because it is cut closer to the neck. Depending on the type of kurti, this pattern can be simple or embellished. Still, it is generally used in casual clothing. 

  Boat neck

This pattern is a good choice for those who want to wear a kurta without a dupatta and prefer comfort while maintaining an elegant look.

#25 The Bows

One of the cutest and most feminine designs is adding bows to the back neck of Kurtis. This design has appealed to several girls and women who have never worn Kurtis. It's easy to maintain and feminine. Additionally, loop buttons can be included to ease the fabric's opening and stretching.

The Bows

tips and Styling ideas on choosing the right back neck design for kurtis and salwar suits 
  • Go easy with formal wear: A simpler back neck design works best if you want suits stitched for regular or work wear. Avoid deeper necklines and openbacks for formal wear, such as salwar suits. 
  • Experiment with festive suits and dresses: You could try all the stylish new back necklines on anarkali dresses and salwar suits for special occasions, especially dinner parties and musical nights. Choose a hatke-back neckline and accentuate the drama with buttons, latkans, tassels, and fancy borders.
  • Comfort matters: Ensure you feel at ease showing off your selected design. Choosing a deep or open back and then attempting to cover it up with a dupatta or hair is a waste of time. If the cuts are too tight, go for sleeker, shorter styles. You can rock the party scene without baring your flesh in several black neck designs. So make an informed decision.
  • Choose from various cut outs: This season, cut-out back neck patterns are popular but expand beyond plain circular cuts. You can choose a diamond cut, drop shape, square cut out, or even eye style. If the cutout is too big for you, make it smaller but different.
  • Add tassels: The most popular back neck styles are doris and tie-ups, but to stand out, add chic tassels or latkan details. Other alternatives include pom poms, bird designs, and mirror work laces.

In addition to the existing designs, we are introducing new and upcoming trends inspired by our country's rich cultural heritage. These designs blend the elements of art history and Western culture to create a unique collection that can be a part of every woman's wardrobe. So start your search, and choose the one that best defines you!.

Don't limit yourself to boring necklines for your partywear suits. With so many alluring back neck patterns available, choose the best wisely!.


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